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The map above shows the route of the yard sale. The sale starts in Edwardsville, Indiana and goes west on IN 62W Ohio River Scenic Byway for a total of 28 miles. The sale passes through the towns of Edwardsville, Lanesville, Corydon and Leavenworth, Indiana. Watch for signs along the route!

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Dates and Times

May 6 & 7, 2022

The Scenic 62 Yard Sale is always held during Derby Weekend. Hours are up to the seller.

What is for sale?

Discover many bargains such as quilts, antiques, crafts, food, clothing, furniture, toys, books and much more!

Who Can be a Vendor?

Anyone with property (commercial or residential) along Highway 62 is welcome to bring their own items and sell them along the road. You are also free to invite your friends, neighbors, church groups, civic groups or anybody else you want to join you on your property.

If I own property on Hwy. 62, can I rent spaces to vendors?

You may rent space or let vendors use your property for free. It's your property, and it's totally up to you.

Is there a registration fee to be a vendor?

No, there is no registration fee.

Are any permits required?

None of the towns or counties on this route require permits.

Are non-profit groups allowed to sell stuff?

Absolutely! We encourage churches, schools, and organizations to find a spot on Hwy. 62 and start selling items. If you get your members to donate items to you, this can be a great way to raise money!

Can political parties set up a booth?

Yes! It's not uncommon to find booths being ran by Republicans and Democrats alike!

Can I just park my truck beside the road and sell stuff?

Please obtain permission from the property owner before you park on his or her property and start selling. You may find someone who will let you set up and sell for free, or you two may agree on a fee. If you want to know who owns a particular piece of property, all you have to do is check with the Registrar of Deeds in Harrison County (in Corydon), Floyd County (in New Albany), or Crawford County (in English).

Are there restaurants along the way?

Yes! Please visit the dining page on "This is Indiana's" website to see a list of restaurants along the way.

This is Indiana

What sections of Hwy 62 have the most yard sales?

Lanesville started a community wide yard sale years ago so currently their town has the most established locations.

How is the traffic?

Traffic can be heavy in some areas. Make sure to take your time traveling because Highway 62 has several hills and windy curves.

Are there any rules of the road?

Please drive with caution and be alert to others around you on and beside the road. Remember to always use your seat-belts and turn signals. Please do not exceed the posted speed limit. Please use extreme caution when crossing the highway on foot. Don't stop suddenly if you spot an item that catches your eye. Please avoid U-turns. Pull completely off the road when you stop to look or buy something.

Are there public restrooms available?

There are multiple gas stations along the way as well as the Visitor Center in Corydon, Indiana at 310 N Elm Street.

What is the history of the Highway 62 yard sale?

The Scenic 62 Yard Sale started in Lanesville as a community sale but in 2015 extended to include the towns of Edwardsville, Lanesville, Corydon and Leavenworth along the beautiful 28 mile stretch of Hwy 62 in Southern Indiana.

How do I get more information?

Please check out our Facebook page for updates and to see a postings of known sales.

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